Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Huntin' - Ode to October

Stepping gingerly down each row,
How to choose? I do not know.

This one leans a bit to the side,
That one's so ugly it wants to hide.

I touch the stems and feel for bumps,
I don't want one with awkward lumps.

This one is too big,
That one is too small,
How do I find the best one of all?

Finally, my eyes do see,
The perfect one in front of me.

I pick it up, my grin spread wide,
At last at home, it comes inside.


Christa said...Best Blogger Tips

Did you write that?! You definitely have a gift for poetry! The pictures with your sweet girl are beautiful. I can't wait to go pick out a pumpkin for our family!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh, love the poem and love the pictures!! What a perfect fall post!

Desperate Housemommy said...Best Blogger Tips

Cuter than cute!

Stopping by from Write on Edge. :)

Alison said...Best Blogger Tips

What a cute poem! I love it. The pictures are great too!

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