Friday, October 21, 2011

BBC in the AM!

My hopes for Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta 2011:
  • I hope I recognize a few faces. It is not easy to match tiny twitter avatars to real-life lovely ladies!
  • I hope the food is good. And I hope we get snacks. I like snacks.
  • I hope I kick my social anxiety to the curb and dive into some great conversations.
  • I hope Bloggy Bootcamp re-energizes me, my creativity, and my writing.
I am awake way too late, but a little high-strung. Wish me luck! Off I go, bright and early....  


Nichole said...Best Blogger Tips

Have a great time, Julie!
You'll do great, I just know it. :)
Last year at BBC SF, the lunch was delish!
Can't wait to hear about your day.

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