Saturday, November 6, 2010

Date night!

"There is no substitute for the comfort supplied by the utterly taken-for granted relationship."
~Iris Murdoch

Date night. The best prescription for a mom suffering from fatigue, sore muscles, lack of patience, and that gloomy "alone" feeling that comes from, well, never quite being alone.
Date night has not happened in a long time. And it almost didn't happen this week. We talk about scheduling a date night, then we forget to arrange a babysitter. Or we let other things interrupt our weekends. Sometimes, life's chaotic moments steal our good intentions away and leave us no other choice.
We arranged a sitter ahead of time this week. We made reservations at The Melting Pot.

But 6 hours prior to our date, the sitter called. She had a family crisis and had to cancel. I almost gave up right then. But happiness and marriage need effort. And I really, really needed something to look forward to. So I called upon my sister and brother-in-law. Thankfully, they were willing to drive 35 minutes and play with Amelia so we could go out.
Our date was lovely. Dinner was fun and mouth-watering. For dessert, we chose the Cookies & Cream Marshmallow Dream. Warm dark chocolate fondue with marshmallow cream and crumbled Oreo cookies on top. To dip? Strawberries, marshmallows, banana, brownie bites, cheesecake, and Rice Krispy treats.
I really had fun this evening. My husband and I talked to each other. We laughed. We took our time over a 2-hour long dinner. We had no child climbing on us, demanding that we color on her paper placemat or yelling "I'm ready to go!".  I ate a meal without getting up to serve something or clean something... not even once!
I feel relaxed tonight. Haven't felt that in a long time.


Julie @ A Journey Not A Race said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm a new follower from Relax and Surf Sunday! Looking forward to reading more from you! Have a beautiful Sunday!

LeeAnn said...Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Melting Pot! YUM! And the Cookies & Cream dessert is definitely one of my favorites. I'm so glad you had a nice date night...we all definitely need that every now and then.

Thanks for linking up for Relax & Surf Sunday. I'm following you now. :-D Have a great weekend!

ace and friends co. said...Best Blogger Tips

I {heart} date night! Your newest bloghop follower. Happy weekend. Would love a follow back. You can find me @:

Lots of fun giveaways... come by and enter!

Just Married with Coupons said...Best Blogger Tips

I am so happy that you got to go out on Date Night! YAY! I am swinging by from the Relax & Surf blog hop and following your awesome blog! Hope you will follow us back at Just Married with Coupons


Heather said...Best Blogger Tips

Ah! I need date nights more than you know....only thing, I have no one to babysit. My in laws simply refuse to go anywhere or sit on a whim or even on a schedule. So if we go out, baby goes with us. *sigh*...
I'm following from relax and surf sunday! Have a great day!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

Frugal Couponing Mommy said...Best Blogger Tips

You have a great site here. I am a new follower via the Relax & Surf blog hop. Please follow me back at

Kat said...Best Blogger Tips

Sounds fantastic! It's good to take them time for your relationship and for your own sanity. My husband and I try to have a "date night" on a fairly regular basis but like you, it doesn't always happen. It is a major battery recharge to have that time when we do. Glad to meet you from Monday Mingle! Have a great day!

Samantha said...Best Blogger Tips

Found you through the Monday Mingle! I absolutely love, love, love date night, but we seldom ever get to have one as well. We managed one this weekend, too.

Looking forward to reading you in the future!

Jackie said...Best Blogger Tips

Ahh... date night! How amazing that sounds!

We've tried again and again and probably not hard enough to make date night happen. But it always seems like something comes up!

Found you through Monday Mingle!

Mrs. V said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I was just telling my husband how much we need a date! I can't remember the last time we went out without the kids, but I am thinking it's been close to a year- yikes!

I am glad you had fun!

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