Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

We'll be there soon!



Avant Garde Parenting said...Best Blogger Tips

So fun- looks like a blast! Wish I had a beach vacation coming up!

BalancingMama (Julie) said...Best Blogger Tips

After 2 months of houseguests, drama, and stress from my SIL's accident, we can't wait for a vacation! It's only 4 days, but I'm beyond excited.

Kris7 said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm jealous! Have a super-fun time and reeeelax!

Liz said...Best Blogger Tips

i know that the first time we take our girls to the beach, i'll always want to go back!

Mom for Less said...Best Blogger Tips

That little swimsuit is TOO CUTE.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh so cute! Love it! (and am insanely jealous as its in the 40s and 50s here already)

BalancingMama (Julie) said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks - the swimsuit was actually purchased at WalMart the night before. We got to the beach last year and realized she had outgrown her swimsuits! Too bad she didn't wear it for long.

We had lows in mid-50s for 2 nights last weekend and it was heavenly. But I command the beach to stay warm through my vacation.

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