Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yeah, hindsight really is 20/20. Why is it I can't figure out that my child is sick until after she's completely freaked out on me? We always manage to plan some big, tiring event when she's sick. And we realize afterwards that maybe it wasn't the best day for such an adventure.

Today we went to a miniature animals farm. Did you have any idea that all farm animals come in miniature? Pygmy goats, tiny pigs, Shetland ponies, little llamas, and teeny tiny chickens. Pretty cool. Amelia loved seeing all the animals from the other side of the fence. Not so much when they could physically touch her. She was very proud of herself for petting a small cow and she loved the little ponies. At the end of our tour, we convinced Amelia to go on a pony ride! She was unsure at first, then ended up loving it. Actually begged for more when it was over. Pics to come in the next day or so.

So the morning went great. As we were all finishing up our lunch, however, Amelia's demeanor began to take a turn. She ended up crying, somewhat hysterically, for nearly two hours. She could not get to sleep and seemed to be in pain. Luckily, my sister is in the medical field and was able to check Amelia's ears with the "ear thingy" (hmm, guess I should have asked what it is called). She has an ear infection in one ear. And possibly a sore throat.

So now some things make sense. Her reduced appetite this morning. Sleeping in for the past two mornings. Begging to go to bed during the day and refusing book-reading time at night. She's been sick. Or getting sick, anyway.

I wish I had known sooner. But even though we wore her down a bit more than we should have, I know she will come out of this illness with some exciting memories of our mini-farm adventure.


robin said...Best Blogger Tips

It's hard to determine whether it's overtiredness that makes behavior/attitude deteriorate or whether they're actually getting's so close. I hope she starts to feel better soon!

BalancingMama (Julie) said...Best Blogger Tips

And with terrible two's thrown in, sometimes I just think she's being difficult because she wants to be. She is feeling better today, and went to school. I kept her at home with me yesterday and we watched a lot of TV. She was really tired.

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