Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say cheese! (How to survive a photo shoot with a preschooler)

I had a brilliant idea to get my favorite photographer to do some outdoor portraits of the family while visiting my hometown this weekend. I failed to remember the heat wave. I failed to realize the limits of 3-year-old behavior when her entire vacation agenda is PLAY. I failed to humidity-proof my new hairstyle.

Need some tips for managing a preschooler in a humid morning photo shoot? Look no further.
Tip #1: Start out with a couple group shots. Get in the picture together to make the event a little less scary.

Tip #2: Don't be shy behind the camera; pretend to attack the photographer with bear claws. "Cut" the photographer's hair with garden clippers. Jump around behind the photographer and act like a complete fool. Pretty much anything goes. As long as the kid is smiling.

Tip #3: When all else fails, bribe. My child was eating a big bowl of neapolitain ice cream at 10:15 that morning. But it worked. I have a feeling we will end up with some beautiful captive memories.


Rusti said...Best Blogger Tips

great tips!! I bet they would work for a 2.5yo pretty darn well! ;)

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