Friday, July 8, 2011

My mind is spinning

Clearly, no one told the "new media" universe about my reluctance towards change. Here I am, on my simple little Blogger blog. I am addicted to my user-friendly Facebook. I have finally figured out Twitter hashtags and Twitter parties.

And now, everyone is trying to change it all.

I should move my blog to Wordpress...

I need to track my Klout...

I am a tribe member and a chief of two different Triberr tribes...

Now, Google+?

I am having a minor heart attack here. Social media is growing faster than my three-year-old!

Keeping up is good for my blog and even better for my real-life advertising/media career. Eventually, the clients will start asking about these things. But the pressure to look smart? Is starting to freak me out. Somebody, please tell the world to sloooooow down.

(At least I know Triberr feels my growing pains. With a nearly 30% membership increase in two weeks, their servers blew up. They will be down for a while as they beef up their systems. Despite the hassle, I have a feeling they are doing a happy dance. Want updates? Follow @Dino_Dogan on Twitter)

What New-new media have you recently joined? Do you have any great tips for the tech-nervous kids like me?


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