Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Stinker

Do not be fooled by this cute little face.

In the past few days, this kid...

  • Painted her fingernails with drippy, not-quite-washable craft paint.
  • Spilled about 800 little plastic beads all over the kitchen. Three times.
  • Squeezed an unopened tube of yogurt so hard it burst (and wow, that stuff can fly).
  • Sprayed paint all over the wall. And the floor. And the table. On purpose.
  • Tripped while carrying her full training potty container to the bathroom.
  • Got sticky glitter putty stuck in her hair.

There is probably more... but I'm too worn out to remember!

What a stinker.


Galit Breen said...Best Blogger Tips

OMG that second picture! Cutest 'lil sticker EVER!

Xiomara Maldonado said...Best Blogger Tips

What a lot of work cleaning all of that up!!! She is adorable though.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...Best Blogger Tips

LOL, good thing she is cute. And I hope that potty spill wasn't on the carpet:(


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