Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Georgia voter?

Our family had a personal experience with trauma this summer. Far from a sophisticated hospital, my sister-in-law was medevaced from a river ravine via helicopter. No level 1 trauma center in the area, but she was lucky to be treated at a level 2 center upon arrival and by a talented surgeon a few days later.

No one expects to experience a trauma. But none of us are immune. That's why the Yes 2 Save Lives campaign is urging Georgia voters to check "yes" on ballot amendment 2 in the upcoming November 2nd election. According to this organization, Georgia has a 20% higher death rate from trauma compared to the national average because access to trauma centers is limited. Especially in the southern rural areas - the same areas where thousands of families speed down the interstates, headed to sunny Florida.

The Yes 2 Save Lives campaign is working to improve and expand Georgia's trauma care system. The measure calls for imposing a $10 registration fee on motor vehicles to raise funds for the state's trauma care centers. The new fee is projected to raise $80 million per year for a dedicated trauma care improvement fund.

I am not a political person. I admit I am never very enthusiastic about elections. But I do try to get informed before heading into the voting booth. If you're a Georgia voter, take a moment to investigate amendment 2 and at least get informed. You never know when trauma will burst its way into your life.

(And why not learn about the other amendments while you're at it... they never make any sense on the ballots! I'll be doing my homework this year too.)

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Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for posting on this important topic. I've heard people trying to politicize this issue saying it's a tax but the truth is that we NEED better trauma care in GA.

$10 is a small price to pay for upgrading our hospitals and improving the trauma system. My friend is a nurse in GA and she tells me about the time lapse in getting care for trauma victims because they are too far from a good trauma hospital.

I hope all of your readers will vote YES on amendment 2!

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