Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The things she learns

I am a firm believer in "school" at a young age. For socialization as well as learning. Amelia learns so much more from school than if she were only home with me. There's just something about that environment; the peer pressure of other kids, an authority figure who doesn't break as easily as mommy or daddy, and different toys/book than what we have at home.

Amelia learned her ABCs before I even thought it was time to teach her. She knows her colors, letters, numbers, and they're starting on shapes. It's so exciting to hear her talk about her school lessons at age 2 1/2. She's soaking it all in and, well, she's just brilliant. I'm allowed to say that, right?

You know what else I get a kick out of? The other learnings she brings home from school. The things she learns from the other kids, far from the lesson plan of the day.

While these probably shouldn't entertain me so much, I admit I have to stifle a giggle or two.

She now squashes ants - "Mommy, ____ does this. We step on ants together."

She learned all about spitting - "Hey Mommy, ____ goes pfffffft at lunchtime. It's called spitting. I can spit, but it's a no-no."

And she's learned the fine art of backpack selection - "___ has a monkey backpack. ____ has Dora. ___ doesn't have a backpack, just a school bag. But I like ___'s backpack best. It is blue. Blue is my favorite color. It's a nice backpack."

Ahhh, school. Quite a learning experience all around.

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Kate (Love and Kate) said...Best Blogger Tips

Cuteness! I love it! I just love the things kids say. Adorable.

Avant Garde Parenting said...Best Blogger Tips

So funny! I bet other kids go home and say "Amelia dances. She's the best dancer around" :D

Tough Cookie Mommy said...Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree with you, school is a must for small children to learn socialization skills. It's also good for them to be exposed to children from different cultures and backgrounds so that they will learn tolerance and be more well rounded. I love that you have my blog on your blogroll, I really appreciate that. I am now definitely following and would love to add you to my followers.

Tonya W. said...Best Blogger Tips

And so it begins... School age must be fun, espeically the social aspect . It was my favorite part when I was a student. :)

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