Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ode to ketchup

Oh ketchup, thou "red dip",
you have won my daughter's heart.

So tangy and colorful,
you excite her palate when paired with...

And even all alone, on a spoon,
you bring joy to her meals.

She scrunches her nose at the broccoli,
until "red dip" is squirted on the plate.

She dips the broccoli.
She dips the cheese.
She dips the chicken and ham.
Even dipped grapes aim to please.

Thank you, red ketchup,
be you Heinz or Hunts.
For bringing new foods,
to my baby's lunch.


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Kate said...Best Blogger Tips

Funny! And ketchup is treated with an equal amount of respect around these parts, too.

Lindsey said...Best Blogger Tips

HA! Love it! It's amazing the super powers ketchup has to get kids to eat anything! My kids even dip their carrots into it! hmmmm gotta love ketchup...what would we do without it? Seriously LOL

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