Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Linking up to MckMama's Not Me! Monday.

It was not me who laid on the couch an extra hour this morning while my daughter played by herself.

It was not me who bribed my daughter with red gummy fish so she would get in the car without a fuss.

It was not me who fed her lunch at a fast food restaurant.

And it is certainly not me, stalling potty training just because I don't feel like dealing with it yet.

I would never do such things! :)


Alice said...Best Blogger Tips

Haha! I'm with you on the potty training! Had thought the long summer would be a good time-but England has rejected the idea of summer and done nothing but rain... It doesn't help that he's decided he hates underpants. It's commando or nothing!!!

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