Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pacifier obsession

Amelia is two years and 4 months old. And she loves her pacifier with all her heart. She had gotten really good about only using it for sleep, but we've regressed a little bit. She's been in the hospital environment a lot since my SIL had her accident, and we keep her happy with a portable DVD player, Elmo, and the pacifier.

So the paci is back in our home. It has moved out of the bed and is used for each boo-boo, each tantrum, and each moment of fatigue when she chooses to lay on the couch for a minute or two. I have to carry one in my purse again.

She is sleeping in her own bed again at night, but naps in Mommy & Daddy's room. With so much adult stress going on around her, I feel like giving in is the right choice. For now.

But I can't help feeling guilty about it as well. I never imagined I would have the pacifier preschooler. Who sleeps in my room.


Amber Page Writes said...Best Blogger Tips

Don't beat yourself up. You've got too much going on to worry about little things like that. Think of it this way. Not, "she's still using a paci at 2," but, "she's only 2. we've got years to get this figured out."


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