Monday, July 26, 2010

Aww, bloggy love

I am honored to have been mentioned on a recent post on Adventures of Wee Mason Man. Her updates and precious baby photos are fun to read. She makes me recall those days when Amelia was only a few months old... now it seems so long ago.

I started blogging to have a place where I could babble on about my day, my kid, my feelings, my fears. Now, only six months later, I am thrilled to be "talking" to 90+ unique visitors each week (Google Analytics), and very humbled to be an official nominee on Nickelodeon's Parents Connect Parents' Choice Awards. It's fun to spend my oh-so-precious free time doing something I love and actually touching a few people along the way.

So with my newest bloggy award, I'm supposed to post 10 things you don't know about me. Hmm... okay. Here goes:

1) I am addicted to the bottled Starbucks Frappucinos. I get really excited when my Costco coupons arrive and they have one for my yummy caffeine drink.

2) I wanted to be a writer all through elementary school. At age 5, I wrote a story titled "Hammy the Hamster". I hard-bound my story in cardboard and did the illustrations myself. I still wish I could write for a living.

3) In middle and high school, I wanted to be an actress. I performed in a few community children's theater plays. I still secretly wish that I could do that for a living also.

4) I used to work at The Weather Channel. Yet I never had a clue what the weather was outside. I was the one who would open the door upon leaving for the day and say, "Oh man, it's raining!?!?"

5) I was a band kid. Played the flute. But after two years of marching band in high school, I realized I wanted to be HEARD. So I switched to percussion/cymbals. Now that was my kind of volume!

6) I don't run. Ever. I see my neighbors with amazing bodies running along the sidewalk with their dogs or kids everyday. I wish I could look like them... but with a lot less effort. Have they invented calorie-burning ice cream yet?

7) I love the beach. Nothing helps me de-stress and chill out better than the sound of the ocean. I believe it is one of the most healing sounds on earth.

8) I have never owned a dog. I can't stand the big ones who jump and lick. Nor the little ones who smell kinda funky and yap all day. If I ever got a dog, I'd go with something medium-sized and well-behaved. I love Welsh Corgis. The Queen of England owns some; surely they are proper little creatures? Maybe they have tea parties?

9) I am a terrible sleeper. I wake at least 3-4 times each night. And lately I've been having nightmares. Not helping with my exhaustion issues.

10) I am terrified to have another kid... oh wait, you probably knew that.

So, there you are. Me me me. You are now an expert on me. Wasn't that fun?

I'm going to pass on the bloggy love.

Behold, the recipients of the "Balancing Mama Finds Time to Read Me!" Award.


Amber Page Writes said...Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for the bloggy love! I run...but I don't like it. Nor do I have a fabulous body. But still, I run...faster if there's an ice cream truck to chase!

Lolli said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm working on that calorie burning ice cream. Haven't made much progress, but I'm trying really hard.... ;)

Cori said...Best Blogger Tips

It's me again! Just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you too! Stop by my blog and grab it!

KellyW said...Best Blogger Tips

Aww, you love Corgis too? I have a corgi named Sputnik. She is the best dog I've ever owned. She's very well behaved, but does bark a lot. Still, she's awesome!

BalancingMama (Julie) said...Best Blogger Tips

Kelly, I've seen her in the photos. I do love those. If I were to allow a dog in our household, I might try a corgi first. I love their stumpy little legs! :)

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