Monday, June 6, 2011

Got (Gummiberry) juice?

I miss Saturday morning cartoons.

Before the time of all-cartoon cable networks, prior to a Disney Channel subscription in my home... those were the days when children across the country longed for Saturday morning.

Saturday mornings had a purpose; these days held a higher level of excitement than any other throughout the week. It did not matter that I was awake past my bedtime the night before, or that I was battling fatigue from hours of summer swimming pool play.

I got out of bed as soon as my eyelids fluttered open. 

I headed straight for the television.

Snorks.  Smurfs.  Pee Wee's Playhouse.

My favorite of all-time? Sandwiched between Snorks at 8:00 and Smurfs at 9:00, was Disney's Adventures of The Gummi Bears.

25+ years later, I can still sing the theme song verbatim.

Dashing and daring,
Courageous and caring,
Faithful and friendly,
With stories to share.
All through the forest,
They sing out in chorus,
Marching along,
As their song fills the air.

Gummi Bears!!
Bouncing here and there and everywhere,

High adventure that's beyond compare,
They are the Gummi Bears!

Magic and mystery,
Are part of their history,
Along with the secret,
of Gummiberry juice...

- - - - -
I wonder which theme songs Amelia will remember when she's in her 30s? Little Einsteins? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Maybe the Backyardigans or Fresh Beat Band?

Today, Saturday morning is just like any other morning.

Disney Channel. Nickelodeon. Cartoon Network. PBSKids.

There is such a vast selection of shows every morning of the week, maybe she won't remember any of them?

That breaks my heart just a little bit.

- - - - -

Another fabulously fun memoir prompt from The Red Dress Club!


Amber Page Writes said...Best Blogger Tips

It is a little sad, isn't it? So much is different...

Ixy said...Best Blogger Tips

We didn't have a TV until I was in my teens, so Saturday cartoons were especially magical to me. They were one of the highlights of having a sleepover or staying overnight at my grandparents.

Mmm...gummy bears...

Honest Convo Gal said...Best Blogger Tips

I completely agree. I still remember some of the theme songs myself.

Carrie said...Best Blogger Tips

So true. The classics of our childhood forgotten, the classics of their childhood squished up with all the other shows on!!

I loved Gummi Bears. And also Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, and Tail Spin. I remember sitting in my bed at 7am watching Ducktales before getting up for school (yes I was spoiled and had a tv in my room)

Visiting from RDC

vinobaby said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my--now that is streaming through my head and I'll never get it out! I used to love the Gummi Bears. And I haven't thought of the Snorks in years. Saturday mornings were special back then. Now I'll spend all day running through the lineup of my favorite shows. Thanks for the memory.

Dropping by from TRDC.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

So true! I don't remember the Gummi Bears, but I do remember Monchichis, and we would style our hair with shampoo in the bathtub and sing the song.

Liz said...Best Blogger Tips

They are very much in The Fresh Beat Band right now.

I think, whatever their memories are, their theme song music is a whole heck of a lot more "sophisticated" than what we grew up with!

jeana said...Best Blogger Tips

Cartoons are way part of the daily life since I was a kid. I remember buying stuff with prints in it. Fun actually. :-) buyaionaccounts

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