Saturday, April 16, 2011

Can I see some ID?

My precious Amelia loves her stuffed animals. To her, they are more than just toys.

They are her best friends..

Her students...

Her babies.

A couple weeks ago, Amelia decided to throw a tea party. She helped her favorite fuzzy friends get all dressed up. She arranged them in a circle so they could converse and enjoy each other's company. Then she distributed the "teacups".

I was not invited to the tea party that morning. So I took the 25 minutes of free time to do a little computer work.

When it was time to check on the tea party again, I was shocked. This is the scene I found:

Apparently, Amelia serves more than tea in those cups! Long Island Iced Tea, perhaps?

Looks like a pretty fun party.

And I wasn't invited.


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

This is freakin' hilarious!! Love that last picture! I want to come to one of Amelia's tea parties... looks like they are a blast!!

~ Christine ~

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a fun party. My son has a gigantic collection of stuffed animals, which he calls his pets. Last week we had a massive Veterinary Clinic with lots of patients. It's such fun to watch them play!

A Hootie Hoot said...Best Blogger Tips

That looks like one lively party! So cute!

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Brianna said...Best Blogger Tips

How adorable! I love watching the creative minds of kids in action.

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