Thursday, April 21, 2011

Class of 2014...

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To the graduating class of 2014,

Pick a career that will allow you to retire early.

Burned out 30-something
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Working years are long. Stressful. Monotonous. I don't remember my father working the kind of hours most of us are subjected to these days. Somehow, in the past 10+ years, our society has turned rewarding careers into pressure cookers. More work, tighter deadlines, fewer employees. Low overhead. Save money.

I look backward; I long for the days without stress. Weekends were meant for staying out late. For dancing, flirting, movies, and  road trips. But now? Weekends mean projects, household chores, and desperate attempts to catch up on sleep (failed attempts... because a certain child doesn't sleep past "sun come up!").

Retirement? Sounds awesome! No deadlines. No rationing vacation days because you only get so many each year. Spending a month in a house by the ocean just because you can.

I'm a few weeks away from 33 years old, but I am really ready to slow down. Begging to slow down. Not as much for me, but for my husband. I want to see him carefree again. Loose. Calm.

I would also like to stop worrying that he'll have a stress-induced heart attack before age 40.

So, retirement? Wait right there. We trying to reach you as quickly as we can!

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(This post was inspired by fatigue. And Mama Kat's Writers' Workshop prompt: "Something students these days should know".)


pegbur7 said...Best Blogger Tips

Yes, I remember life was very hectic as a young married with little kids. But now that we are empty nesters nearying retirement we worry that we can't do the things we want despite saving for retirement due to the economy!
Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Linds said...Best Blogger Tips

My hubby used to have such a stressful job I really thought he was heading for a heart attack before 30. Thankfully he was able to switch careers. Sacrifices were made, happily so.

Jessica said...Best Blogger Tips

I think with your advice I would add learn how to save for retirement instead of spending all your money on stuff.

Minivan Mama said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm actually struggling with this right now. Here we have just one life to live and how are we spending it? Stressed and working all the time. I miss fun!!!!

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

My husband loves his job, but his commute is horrible. He's home every night to help tuck the kids in bed. We tried to move, but the housing market is horrible. So, yes, in one sense, I look forward to retirement so that we can spend more time together, but in another, I want to slow the time and figure out a way for my husband to see his kids growing up while he's at work.

Anne said...Best Blogger Tips

All these posts just make me so sad, especially for the kids because they don't get to see their Dads and when they do they do they are stressed out. Reminds me of that song Cats In The Cradle. Kids just grow up way too fast!

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