Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WW: Tiny bubbles make me happy

Wordless Wednesday
Who doesn't love bubbles?!?

(Linked up for some iPhone Photo Phun at @BelleBeanDog's place! You know you have some great phone photos - Come on over and join us.)


BusyWorkingMama said...Best Blogger Tips

Yay for bubbles! Cute smiles!

Ado said...Best Blogger Tips

The bubbles are cute but your little cutie-pie is cuter.

Miss Marina Star said...Best Blogger Tips

I love bubbles! I think they they totally capture the essence of childhood.

Jamie said...Best Blogger Tips

I avoid bubbles, unless we are in the bath or some other water activity. That's the no fun mom side of me! But I do love the faces they make when trying to make the bubbles! So cute!

Life As Wife said...Best Blogger Tips

My little one loves to pop them. Maybe we can hire her to blow bubbles?

Jeanette said...Best Blogger Tips

cute! nice to have a reminder that maybe summer is not quite over!

Tayarra @ 5 sharp Lives said...Best Blogger Tips

Everyone loves the bubbles!!

Autumn said...Best Blogger Tips

Cutie! She certainly is good at blowing bubbles! Makes me want to get out the old bubble wand and enjoy this nice weather :)

SouthMainMuse said...Best Blogger Tips

Isn't that the truth. We had a toy store in town that had a bubble machine outside that would continually blow bubbles. It as on the main intersection on the square. I loved it when you'd be sitting at a stoplight and the bubbles would drift by.

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