Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WW: History. Rememberance. Youth.

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield near Atlanta
Field of Flags, 9/10/11

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Snapped a couple pics with my phone that day so I could join iPhone Photo Phun with BelleBeanDog!
iPhone Photo Phun
Happy Wednesday!


Lindsay said...Best Blogger Tips

LOVE this picture! I wish I had gotten to go see the field of flags, but I will have to wait until next year I suppose.

Life As Wife said...Best Blogger Tips

Very cool! Hubby and I are both big history buffs and the field of flags sounds like an awesome tradition!

inthekitchenwithkp said...Best Blogger Tips

This will be a pic you remember for years and your daughter will too. I have one of me as a kid on a cannon at Ft. Sumter. Something about it always makes it stick out in my mind.

bigguysmama said...Best Blogger Tips

That's really cool. I love historical photos like that! Awesome canon.


BalancingMama (Julie) said...Best Blogger Tips


Linday, the flags were still up yesterday. They've only done it three times (yr after, at 5 yrs, and now at 10 yrs), and I think it may be over for good. They are selling the flags for $20 each this year. It cost $36,000 to put on the event. Prob getting too expensive :(

KLZ said...Best Blogger Tips

I don't think enough kids see these things.

Liz said...Best Blogger Tips

It's so important to teach our kids history. I'm sure it's a different take away at this age, but it's important just the same. :)

Aleksandra Nearing said...Best Blogger Tips

Cool to see the flags! We need to make it out to that area soon.

SouthMainMuse said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm a little east of you in Madison and Saturday was a beautiful day. Great picture...lots of meaning this past weekend.

cam said...Best Blogger Tips

love this picture. really beautiful!

CraftyMummy said...Best Blogger Tips

Great picture. I don't think we can start teaching kids history too early.

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