Sunday, August 7, 2011

What comes after potty training...

Before I was Mommy, life was simple. I worked on weekdays and relaxed on weekends. Travel involved packing only for myself. I could grab a few things at the grocery store without having to use the giant, nearly-impossible-to-steer green plastic rocket ship cart.

I could make it in and out of a store without a tour of the bathroom facilities.

Potty training was not easy. I started "training" her when I thought it was a good time. She wasn't ready. I obsessed about the minutes since her last accident. I nagged her incessantly, "Don't you want to go pee-pee? I think you should tinkle now. It's been 13 minutes since you pee-peed in your pants... go try again for Mommy..." I nearly drove myself crazy. If she had known how to unlock the doors at the time, I have no doubt my small child would have tried to run away from home. Not a happy fun time.

We gave up on potty training twice. I let it bother me.

Surprise #1:
She did it when she was ready. She did it, not for me, but for many smiling Tinkerbells and Minnie Mouses who lived on her little size 4 underpants. And for the promise of tasty sugary treats.

Surprise #2:
Ya know what comes after potty training? Preschooler obsession with public bathrooms. The undies may stay dry, but it comes at a price. Another sanity-challenging price.

Gone are the days where I can do my grocery shopping alone and without a visit to the restroom down a dingy hallway near the meat counter. Amelia insists on going potty every. single. place. we. go.

I don't recall ever seeing the inside of the Publix bathroom prior to 2011. I had never experienced the loveliness that is a Kroger restroom. Nor had I tested out the potty at Big Lots, Michael's, or Best Buy. Perhaps, I had "used the facilities" at Target prior to Amelia's new found talent... but not every time.

Now? Thanks to my little bathroom connoisseur, there is not a store toilet I have not seen. If you are a mom of a potty-trained preschooler, I suspect you know exactly what I mean.

Moms are so lucky.


Nili said...Best Blogger Tips

My little guy is potty trained and we go in every potty as well..drives me crazy! And he always "echo tests" every one too, shouting as loudly as possible as soon as we open the door!

Amber Page Writes said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm just jealous of the potty training completion. Mine wants no part of it yet. None.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for writing this! I read it to Derek and we were laughing out loud! Haelynn is still a little young for this, but the potty training talk has started with some of the mom's at school. I don't think H or I are ready for this yet but thanks for glimpse of what's to come!


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