Tuesday, June 29, 2010

She calls the cat sweetheart

Just like all kiddos her age, Amelia has taken to repeating many, many words that come out of my mouth. She surprises us daily with grown-up phrases and humor. My favorites are the pet names she's begun to use for all her loved ones/items.

I call Amelia all kinds of things. I call her Sweetie, Sweetheart, Honey, Sweet Pea, Pea Pod, and Princess, to name a few. She is starting to inject those words into her own vocabulary and I can't get enough.

This morning she made me some "food" out of pink & green Play-Doh. She brings it over to me in little bowls, saying "Here you go, honey. Yummy food!"

She pet the cat yesterday, soothing him with "It's okay, sweetheart. Does that feel good, sweetheart?"

Amelia saw our neighbor's 15-month old daughter recently. After we said our hellos and chatted for a moment, Amelia turned to me and asked, "Amelia is a princess. Is she a princess too?"

Maybe this is a lot more entertaining to me than anyone else. But I find it hilarious.


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...Best Blogger Tips

I can totally see how you'd get a kick out of that! It must be totally adorable AND a reminder to censor any other possible name calling you may do!

BalancingMama (Julie) said...Best Blogger Tips

Totally! She heard one kid call another "stupid" at the playground 2 days ago, and guess what her new favorite word is today? I tell her it's not nice and then try to ignore it. She is such a sponge these days.

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